Xiaohui Fan


Regents’ Professor of Astronomy

Associate Department Head

Department of Astronomy and

Steward Observatory

University of Arizona

Tel: (520) 626-7558

Email: fan@as.arizona.edu


news and new papers:

  1. -The most distant quasar and the earliest supermassive black hole (at z=7.64) (Paper) (Press Release) (CNN) (BBC Interview)

  2. -Monster quasar found in the early universe, 2020 (Paper) (Press Release)

  3. -The discovery of a gravitationally lensed quasar at the epoch of reionzation, 2019 (Paper) (Press Release)

  4. -Astro2020 White Paper on the first luminous quasars in the universe. (Paper)

  5. -Completion of the Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey. (News feature)